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Creating the right working environment to suit your business is one of the most important decisions you need to make. This is why 4Ward Interiors provide our Free Planning & Office Design Service.

Your dedicated design team

4Ward Interiors maximise your space, inspire new ideas and help bring your whole project to life!

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It can be difficult to visualise how your space can be best utilised, so 4Ward Interiors use 2D Cad planning to space plan the area and 3D visuals to show you a realistic view of how your finished project could look.

Make the most of your space

As your business grows, unfortunately your space does not grow with it! 4Ward Interiors will help you determine the maximum occupancy within your space and suggest solutions to better utilise your workplace.

Minimal Installation Disruption

Our installation team will complete your project in a professional and timely manner. Your dedicated Project Manager will  provide you with a works schedule, to fit around your business and minimise disruption.

Maximise your budget

4Ward Interiors deal with all the major furniture and refurbishment manufacturers in the UK and can supply the best solution to fit within your budgetary requirements. If you do not know your budget, 4Ward Interiors can provide a Gold, Silver and Bronze pricing structure so that you can choose the right solution for you.

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Office Design – Space Planning

Office environments have changed a great deal over the years. With new technology and innovation continually entering the marketplace, the space of change shows no signs of slowing down.

As there is a shift towards open plan office spaces, including a rise in flexible and agile working environments, businesses are looking at the best way to utilise their space. There is now a distinct realisation that work is no longer a place we go, but rather something that we do.

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Adopting an agile and collaborative approach to working, allows employees to work from anywhere and at any time through the use of technology.  There is now a inherent merging of the boundaries between offices, homes and third space environments.

Businesses look to attract and retain the best talent.  College and university graduates have grown up with technology and innovation. The environments they are used to working in are classroom based, home based and third party based. These young, talented individuals are already working in an agile and collaborative manner… without even knowing it.

4Ward Interiors select only the best manufacturers who are also leading the way in innovation. Together, we aim to support your requirements and create a multi-functional workplace, so that your business operates in perfect unison with the strategy in place.

Visit our Inspiration Page for images of office space ideas – Inspiration 

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Office Design – Reception Areas

Office reception design must capture the culture and brand of the organisation, control the flow of visitors and be welcoming and practical…All at once!

An office reception area design operates as a practical area controlling access, the flow of people and deliveries and providing an initial example of a company’s efficiency. Office reception design must combine both practical and visual elements to satisfy visitors and staff.

Visit our Inspiration Page for images of reception area ideas – Inspiration

Office Design – Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are often used for multiple applications; In-house meetings, external guest/visitor meetings, training exercises and boardroom style conference meetings.

4Ward Interiors design bespoke solutions, creating flexible and multi-functional rooms catering for a wide range of scenarios.  Working closely with you to understand your needs, we aim to maximise the effectiveness for your business.

Visit our Inspiration Page for images of meeting room ideas – Inspiration

Office Design – Breakout Areas

21st century technology and innovation really is fantastic!  We can now work where we want and how we want, we have the ability to maximise performance and get the most out of our working day!  In the third part of Isaac Newton’s 3 Laws of Success,  ‘Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion’ he basically states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This is also true in the workplace and the level of stress, mental, physical or both can be considerably increased as a result (we may not even realise it) thus the idea of a break out area is becoming increasingly attractive to employees.

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But what actually is a break out area?

A break out area is any space open to employees or visitors that is separate from their usual working area. It can be a place for employees to relax, eat their lunch and even hold informal meetings. Flexible working, Agile working, Breakout Area’s and Collaborative working are not just buzz words, they actually all have an important part to play when companies are putting together a strategy to change the way they are working.  The benefits for attracting and maintaining staff, attracting the next generation of workers ( millennials) and how it will impact on the company’s performance should be enough for you to consider breakout areas if your company does not already have them.

What kind of furniture would create a Breakout Area?

Break out areas are mainly for providing somewhere employees can go to give them time away from their various screens/devices and offer a space to release the stress of every day working life. They can also be used for informal meets with other employees ,  clients and even your employers!
The areas often comprise of different seating environments to allow people to choose the best way for them to relax.  There are many types of office chairs that are suitable for break out areas from various suppliers, such as Allermuir, Orangebox, Connection Seating, Pledge edge, Ocee Design and many more.  4Ward interiors will assist you with choosing the right products that suit the environment and also work with you to advise the right products to fit into your budget.

Visit our Inspiration Page for images of breakout area ideas – Inspiration 

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