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Refurbishments – Partitions & Flooring

Creating a reception area, meeting room or a private area in your existing office space, can be easily achieved by installing partitioning that is both stylish and fit for purpose.

You can chose from all types of office partitioning, including glass wall partitions, which can include innovative design features that add to your business branding.

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The Re-locatable Solution

Our office partitioning solutions are re-locatable. If you want to move the partitions at a later date, this can easily be achieved with minimum of disturbance to employees and can also save money in the process.

4Ward Interiors office partitions are provided using a very simple three phase installation process:

– Framework is fitted

– Glass is measured and supplied (approx 1 week later)

– Manifestation design is fitted to finish the look

Planning, Design & Installation

When choosing your partitions we always discuss the options that suit your requirements.  We look at the sound absorption values and, coupled with aesthetic designs, we will supply and install the best solution that works for your business. With all our projects, 4Ward Interiors will space plan and design each step of your partition project, so that you fully understand the project from start to finish.

4Ward Interiors work with you to carefully plan your office partition installations, to ensure minimal disruption to your working day.

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Refurbishments – Ceilings

One of the major features in an office refurbishment, which many people are guilty of overlooking, is the role that the ceiling will play in the overall design. From the colour, to the actual specifications of the ceiling’s design, there are a range of decisions which you need to seriously consider before you pick out the ideal ceiling for you. For example, our wide range of office ceilings which can be installed into your available space includes:

•Smooth Metal Framing
•Metallic Ceilings
•Open-Celled Designs
•Suspended Ceiling
•And Many More!

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Suspended Ceilings

4Ward Interiors carry out a wide variety of projects, including the supply and installation of new suspended ceilings.  There are many benefits of suspended ceilings:

– an increase in Noise Reduction

– Improved insulation and improved heat loss.

– Hiding pipework and cabling and unsightly areas.

Suspended ceilings allow for a variety of finishes, you can have textured tiles or a geometric pattern if you want that “striking” effect!   You can also incorporate different lighting panels for a variety of effects to finish the look.

If you are looking to have a suspended ceiling as part of your project, please do get in touch

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Refurbishments – Lighting

Lighting design can have a significant impact on staff performance and sales. Light is known to affect how we feel and how well we work. With so many different products available and ever changing Health & Safety regulations, choosing the right lighting can be a bit like taking a shot in the dark.

4Ward Interiors is a specialist in the design, supply and installation of workspace lighting in office, retail and showroom environments. We’ll show you how to make the most of natural daylight and, whether you’re looking for colour, dynamism, movement or spotlighting, spark your imagination with lighting schemes that work beautifully.

Refurbishments – Power & Data

Whether it’s a new build or a refurbishment power and data positions need to be correctly situated to avoid unsightly cables and trip hazards!  At 4ward interiors we design the layout and provide the dimensions required so that we know exactly where the power and data needs to go before installation of the furniture.

There are quite a few different types of power and data options available and we can discuss the best solution with you to suit your needs.  You may need dado trunking, floor boxes, under desk power or desk mounted power, we are happy to go through these options with you.

Refurbishments – Painting & Decorating

Whether it’s a new build or existing, 4Ward Interiors can provide you  with a full painting and decoration package to suit your needs. You can even choose paint by your pantone requirements.

Sometimes replacing everything and starting from scratch is just not financially feasible; therefore we offer to paint existing walls, ceilings, skirting boards, architraves and doors.

We can also wallpaper the walls if required, as well supply and fit vinyl finished company branding and much more.

Refurbishments – Plumbing & Heating

When space planning an existing area there are sometimes certain things in the way such as radiators.  4Ward Interiors work with trusted trades so that these services can be relocated if necessary and additional services installed if required.

When tea points are to be created we also look at the best solution for supply, drainage and waste within these areas.

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